1.1.14 The Making of a King was featured in a STYLIST Magazine article on the drag king "trend" and girls dressing/acting like boys!

Left to Right: Mz Snacks, Phantom, Nicole the filmmaker, and Lady Incredible

Left to Right: Mz Snacks, Phantom, Nicole the filmmaker, and Lady Incredible

12.9.13 Nicole the filmmaker and Phantom make their radio show debut on Beyond The Mic on Urban Soul Radio! 


CLICK HERE for the recorded show. They talk about everything from the day on the life of a Los Angeles drag king to relationships and even have some advice of their own to share!



Help filmmaker Nicole Miyahara reveal the experiences and challenges drag kings face in LA. "The Making of a King" gives us a candid look at this fast growing drag king community as they reveal their aspirations, and how they re-imagine masculinity.


11.15.13 The GLAAD Wrap: A trailer for 'Looking;' new music from Kele Okereke, Against Me!; Andy Cohen's new role and more!


The Making of a King needs support to finish their film. The documentary chronicles the experiences and challenges of drag kings in Los Angeles. Beyond highlighting this lesser-known segment of the LGBT community, the film hopes to open discussion about "gender, expression through performance art, representation in popular culture, and LGBT experiences." 



11.9.13 The Lady Behind The Kings in GED Magazine

Drag King, Landon Cider

Drag King, Landon Cider

"Yes – its theater; its pageantry; it’s costuming; it’s storytelling.  I am amazed how much time goes into the mixes. The talent to not just do your costuming and your storytelling, but also learning how to cut music together, creating flyers and promoting yourself. It’s really a whole package promoting yourself. It’s a lot of work."

-Director, Nicole Miyahara


9.24.13 International Premiere Event in Osaka, Japan at Kansai Gaidai University

Anthro-film Laboratory and Visual Anthropology of Japan present a joint screening and international premiere event. Two recent graduates from the University of Southern California Masters in Visual Anthropology Program will screen their thesis films. Discussion will follow. The event is free and open to all.

The Beauty Kings: Trey Sharpe, Landon Cider, Papa Cherry, Lucky Johnson, and Chase Herr (left to right)

One Saturday night, Nicole Miyahara stepped into Hamburger Mary's for what was quickly becoming her tradition: to see a drag queen show.

However, chance had gotten the best of her tradition as, contrary to the theatrically decked out men-as-women she was used to seeing, she experienced the opposite: an array of women-as-men ready to delight and entertain her.

"But so many don't know, for one, that drag shows aren't just for the queer community. They're for everyone—including drag king shows."                      

-Director, Nicole Miyahara

8.12.13 10 New Ethnographic Documentaries Showcase California Subcultures and Social Issues

Performance is an aspect of several of the films that will premiere Sunday, September 8 at USC's School of Cinematic Arts. Nicole Miyahara's The Making of a King focuses on drag kings, biological females who dress and perform as men.

Drag King, Landon Cider (photo credit Gabi Luna/Dusti Cunningham)

7.12.13 Drag King Landon Cider Is Hoping To Be As Accepted And Respected As His Drag Queen Counter-parts

Starpulse.com’s Jeza Belle caught up with Landon Cider, one of the nation’s leading drag kings. "I’m going to be featured in a documentary called “The Making of a King” that should be out in September."

-Landon Cider